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FinMeas Mining

Environmental and dam monitoring platform for mines

Our high-quality environmental and dam monitoring platform automates environmental and dam monitoring and reporting, reducing the manual work of experts related to the management and reporting of measurement data. 

Well-designed and implemented automatic monitoring promotes dam safety monitoring while environmental monitoring tracks the quality of water.
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Automate monitoring and reporting

FinMeas solutions enable the automation of dam and environmental safety monitoring. The measurement data from various sources is easy to manage and interpret, and reporting is automated, allowing experts to spend their time drawing conclusions instead of running Excel spreadsheets.

Key benefits

The FinMeas environmental and dam monitoring platform makes it easy to monitor the overall status of measurement results in relation to permit conditions and limit values. Through visualisations and advanced calculations, essential information is presented in an easily understandable format from a vast amount of data. Accurate forecasts enable the development of potential problems to be detected in time, allowing for problem-solving and avoidance of possible adverse effects.

Gather all relevant data in one system

Measurement data generated by automatic monitoring solutions
Data from manual measurements, stored mobile in the field
Interface data with Eurofins and the mine's automation systems
Weather data from weather stations
Real-time camera image
Documents including instrumentation instructions, installation instructions and reports and field tour documents

Visualise, analyse and further process

  • Clear visualisation of data
  • Alarms when the permitted limits are exceeded or undercut
  • Data presented on a map base and on top of satellite images, aerial photographs (GeoTIFF) and dwg plans
  • Combine measurement data, including calculating cumulative accumulation and flow-weighted averages and presenting them visually in relation to environmental permit boundaries
  • Development of new functions based on customer needs

Automate reporting

  • The processing and reporting of data is automated to minimise manual work, such as handling Excel spreadsheets.
  • The desired graphs are automatically included in the report (docx or pdf) so that experts can focus on drawing conclusions.
  • Visual presentations make data interpretation easy also for external auditors.
  • The report automatically highlights issues requiring attention, such as exceeding alarm thresholds.

Automatic monitoring for mines

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Improving mining dam safety with monitoring solutions

In mining tailings dams, in addition to the risk of dam failure and resulting flooding, there is also the risk of harm caused by the hazardous or harmful properties of the substances contained within.
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online service for professionals

FinMeas Online 

FinMeas online further refines the data into an easy-to-understand format and alerts if deviations are detected in the limit values.
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FinMeas Online

FinMeas Online -verkkopalvelu tarjoaa reaaliaikaiset mittaustiedot nopeasti ymmärrettävällä tavalla.
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Comments from our customers

"I am satisfied with our cooperation. All promises are kept, and reaction times are very short. The FinMeas employees are also very active and self-organised. They keep us up to date about events, even if we are busy with other things.""
Jussi Nousiainen, Geotechnical Engineer,  Agnico Eagle Finland

Case Kittilä mine: The joint development work renews the safety of mining dams

At the Kittilä mine, the risk management of tailing ponds was improved with automatic monitoring solutions for the pond areas. In addition to monitoring, reporting of measurement data has been revamped with the adoption of FinMeas' automatic reporting service.
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