Water level

Water level

Monitoring the water level of groundwater, water systems and reservoirs.

These measuring devices can be used for monitoring the water level of groundwater, water systems and reservoirs. The automatic water-level measurement device monitors the situation and raises an alarm if the water level becomes too high or low based on predefined values.

Measuring device: Pressure sensor-based water level measurement

The typical measuring range of water pressure sensors is 0-5 bars. Several pressure sensors can be connected to a central processing unit.

Measuring device: GPS- based water level measurement

This solution is a suitable alternative for monitoring the level of reservoirs from a ferry, for example, where the focus is on monitoring one single point. The accuracy that can be achieved with the solution is +-1cm. We also deliver the necessary base station. Measuring the water level by a ferry is a perfect solution for tailings ponds, for example, when a traditional water-level measuring device is not suitable for the target.

The central processing unit of these devices transfers the measurement data automatically to FinMeas Online, which provides easy access to up-to-date measurement data from any device.


  • Real-time and precise information about possible changes in water level
  • More secure and economical than conventional monitoring methods
  • Automatic alarms warn about potential changes
  • Remote monitoring reduces unnecessary costs, delays and the risk of errors
  • Documentation is generated and saved automatically

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