Temperature profile

Temperature profile

Temperature measurements are used, for example, for monitoring the drying of concrete and for monitoring the melting and freezing of the ground.

Temperature measurements are used, for example, for monitoring the drying of concrete, for monitoring the melting and freezing of the ground, in insulation material research and other research, for monitoring rock temperatures, and in industrial measurement applications.

Measuring device

A measuring device is either a tube or a cable which is customised according to a customer’s requirements and which contains precise digital temperature sensors. The length of a measuring tube can vary from a couple of dozen centimetres to several metres. Typically, sensors are set inside the tube at intervals of five centimetres. The length of a measuring cable can be hundreds of metres. The central processing unit of this device transfers the measurement data automatically to FinMeas Online, that provides you with an easy access to up-to-date measurement data from any device.


  • Due to exact digital sensors, the reliability of measurement results is superior compared to conventional systems
  • The measuring devices only have one cable that needs to be connected, so they are easy to install and transfer
  • A separate sensor and a cable are no longer required for each location to be measured; this resolves also the problems related to handling thermo pairs
  • FinMeas Online generates easily understandable measurement data visualizatios
  • Remote reading reduces unnecessary costs, delays and risk of errors

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