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Geotechnical monitoring

The automatic monitoring of foundation structures ensures a reliable and real-time image of movements and phenomena in the soil and structures.

 With our solutions, you can increase safety, reduce costs, and streamline work processes. Additionally, measurement data documentation is generated automatically. We have a high-quality and reliable family of measuring instruments that allow you to monitor soil and structural movements in real-time.

Monitor and track ground movements

With our solutions, it is possible to monitor, for example, displacements, settlements, pore pressure, tilts, and temperature. The service package includes FinMeas Online cloud service, where measurement data is automatically stored. FinMeas Online also includes various interfaces and manual measurement support, so other than automatic measurement results can also be integrated into the same cloud service. This way, you can view measurement results from different sources in the same place

Alerts by text message and email

Alarm limits can be set for measuring instruments and measurement points. In this case, our service will notify the responsible person if any measurement result exceeds the set limits.

Benefits of the service

Through FinMeas Online, up-to-date information on changes occurring in structures and soil is always available. Accurate information allows changes to be more accurately linked to their cause, making it easier to understand cause-and-effect relationships. When changes are reported in real-time, corrective action can be taken in a timely manner before the changes cause harm.


Case Kittilä mine

FinMeas participates in risk management of mine dams by supplying automated monitoring solutions for reservoir areas that enable real-time monitoring of reservoir measurement data.

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Case Västerås

FinMeas’ automatic inclinometers monitor safety in Västerås harbour project.

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Case Raide-Jokeri

The automatic monitoring solutions provided by FinMeas are monitoring bridge structures in Raide-Jokeri site.

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