FinMeas’ automatic measuring devices monitor the safety in many large construction sites in Finland and abroad. Below are a few example projects in which the customer has with our technology achieved major benefits in both safety and expenses.

Case Akalla

It is all about maintaining full control of the anchor bar forces and movements in the sheet pile that supports the excavation pits. This is where FinMeas’ expertise was called upon

Case Klett

The commute for about 30 000 locals out of Trondheim on Fridays will no longer be a nightmarish activity, as a new four-lane stretch of the E6-highway will significantly enhance the traffic flow by spring 2019

Case Perniö

The Perniö fall test put automatic inclinometers to unimaginable conditions. Nine devices were used to monitor the ground around the test site.

Case Stockholms Hamnar

FinMeas’ automatic measurements ensure that the bored pile wall restraining the cave-in in Frihamnen’s port area is working the way it should.

Case West Metro

FinMeas is involved in performing measurements for the demanding excavations associated with the West Metro.

Case Skanska

Skanska has opted to trust in FinMeas measurement technology in several construction sites.

Case Rantatunneli

FinMeas automatic extensometers are the tool of choice for the Rantatunneli Alliance project in Tampere.

Case Kalasatama

The rock masses of Kalasatama are monitored with FinMeas’ technology.

Case Vattenfall

Vattenfall’s dam in Pamilo is secured with FinMeas measuring technology. Because of FinMeas’ service, the function of the dam can be monitored in real-time.