We provide monitoring services for geotechnical and environmental risks at several large sites, both in Finland and abroad. Below are some examples of projects where our technology has enabled our customers to achieve significant improvements in safety and cost efficiency.
Case Kittilä mine

FinMeas participates in risk management of mine dams by supplying automated monitoring solutions for reservoir areas that enable real-time monitoring of reservoir measurement data.

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Case Västerås

FinMeas’ automatic inclinometers monitor safety in Västerås harbour project.

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Case Raide-Jokeri

The automatic monitoring solutions provided by FinMeas are monitoring bridge structures in Raide-Jokeri site.

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Case Kalasatama

The reliability of the measurements is highlighted because of the unparalleled high tower buildings that are being built above the parking garage.

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Case Rantatunneli

FinMeas automatic extensometers are being used to monitor rock-bed movements throughout the tunnel construction project.

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Case Skanska

Skanska has opted to trust in FinMeas measurement technology in several construction sites. One of the largest and most challenging of these was the IsoKristiina shopping centre in downtown Lappeenranta.

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Case West Metro

FinMeas is involved in performing measurements for the demanding excavations associated with the West Metro.

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Case Stockholms Hamnar

FinMeas’ automatic measurements ensure that the bored pile wall restraining the cave-in in Frihamnen’s port area is working the way it should.

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Case Perniö

In October of 2009 Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the Finnish Rail Administration conducted a full-scale railway embankment failure experiment.

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Case Klett

The commute for about 30 000 locals out of Trondheim on Fridays will no longer be a nightmarish activity, as a new four-lane stretch of the E6-highway will significantly enhance the traffic flow by spring 2019.

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Case Akalla

Ensuring that the rock is sealed was one of the biggest onsite challenges in Stockholm Bypass project, as the rock for tunnel section was cracked and conducted water.

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