Case Rantatunneli

Case Rantatunneli

FinMeas automatic extensometers are the tool of choice for the Rantatunneli Alliance project in Tampere.

FinMeas automatic extensometers are the tool of choice for the Rantatunneli Alliance project in Tampere.

Measurement technology developed by FinMeas Ltd. is being used in highway tunnel construction work in the city. FinMeas automatic extensometers are being used to monitor rock-bed movements throughout the tunnel construction project, which will take several years.

FinMeas’ client is Tampere Rantatunneli Alliance, whose partner responsible for rock engineering is consulting engineering firm, Saanio & Riekkola Oy. Excavation work on the 2.3 km highway tunnel began in spring 2014 and the finished tunnel is scheduled to open for traffic in 2017.

”In many locations, the excavation and blast sites for the Rantatunneli are located directly below buildings, which makes careful rock engineering vitally important,” says Project Manager Kari Äikäs from Saanio & Riekkola Oy.

Construction work that involves rock engineering usually includes the monitoring of vibrations caused by blasting and drilling, of groundwater surface levels, of possible subsidence affecting buildings and structures, and of rock movements. Inside the Rantatunneli, FinMeas extensometers are being used to monitor vertical movements in the rock at five measurement points. Rock is usually subject to an area-specific level of stress, to which excavation work causes changes around the excavated cavity. During excavation work, such stress causes the walls of the tunnel to move inwards and the roof to rise. Movement of this kind is measured in millimetres.

”This type of movement is normal. We have used modelling to anticipate rock behaviour and conducted measurements to verify the reliability of our modelling. If there is more than a few millimetres of such movement, this means that our calculations are incorrect and the rock may be affected by unforeseen risk factors.”

”If the movements are minor, all is well. However, if the measurements indicate movement that is more substantial than anticipated, people at the construction site can react quickly and, if necessary, add more reinforcement structures, for example.”

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