FinMeas Ltd is a Finnish measurement technology and service expert, owned by its founders, D. Sc. (Tech.) Sami Ylönen and M. Sc. Antti Ryhänen. Sami and Antti met each other at Helsinki University of Technology. Both were intrested in geotechnics, measuring and entrepreneurship and so FinMeas Ltd was founded in 2003.

First products, the automatic measuring devices for horizontal movements, were developed carefully. It took time to discover the most optimal solution. Finally, the best possible ways to apply scientific knowledge to the design of technically advanced products were found. These innovations FinMeas has since then used to build a product family which includes all the most important measurements.

We have supplied measurement systems to our customers for more than ten years, and we also have the highest possible credit rating.

Everything we do is guided by our values: quality, reliability and customer orientation.


All our work is conducted by the drive for absolute quality. We guarantee that the information our customer receives from the measuring sites is always accurate and reliable. The measuring devices consist of secure components only from reliable and well-known manufacturers. The initializations of the systems are always carried out according to the agreed schedule.

The development of our products and services is guided by customer orientation. Based on the continuous customer feedback, the products were developed even more easy-to-use solutions that provide the customer remarkable savings. We analyse all the reclaims right away and find solutions for customer’s problems quickly.

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