Environmental data as a communication tool for stakeholders: Transparency and trust with real-time information

Environmental data makes it possible to maintain trustworthy and honest dialog between the mining industry and stakeholders.

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Top 5 benefits of using environmental monitoring system in mining

Environmental monitoring system makes monitoring various parameters easy and processes a vast amount of data to provide essential and critical information.

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User-friendly environmental and dam monitoring platform

FinMeas' environmental and dam monitoring system for the mining sector aids in the automated safety monitoring of dams and the environment.

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Effective water management for mines

FinMeas Online is a system that can integrate data from various sources into a single user-friendly platform.

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Risk management in infrastructure construction: The role of monitoring

Automatic monitoring reduces uncertainty and improves the reliability by providing real-time, accurate information on the behavior of soil and structures.

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Automated monitoring of settlement poles: Enhancing safety and efficiency

Until now, settlement pole monitoring has relied on manual measurements. To enable continuous monitoring, FinMeas has developed a satellite-based, automatic, battery-powered settlement monitoring system.

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Dejenie awarded for research on carbon dioxide storage

Bruk Dejenie, a graduate from Aalto University, was awarded the best geotechnical thesis of the year.

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Automatic monitoring in infrastructure construction – 5 reasons why it is profitable

Conventional manual measuring is expensive and subject to errors, and it is therefore not performed often. However, it is even more expensive to not take measurements at all.

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5 risks which can be minimised with automatic monitoring

Automatic monitoring can reduce risks in foundation construction by providing real-time data and alerts about any potential issues that may arise during the construction process.

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FinMeas to monitor foundation works in large-scale Swedish maritime infrastructure project

FinMeas has secured an agreement with Züblin Scandinavia AB for the monitoring programme of the foundations work of the Södertälje canal.

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FinMeas’ measurement technology utilized in the Stockholm Bypass project

FinMeas measurement technology utilised in the Stockholm Bypass project.

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FinMeas continues with AAA rating from Bisnode

Europe's leading providers of business intelligence Bisnode has granted Gold AAA Certificate to FinMeas.

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Monitoring guidelines assist in the planning of monitoring

The Monitoring Committee of the Finnish Geotechnical Society (SGY) has published monitoring guidelines, which comprise the essential concepts and principles of geotechnical measuring and monitoring.

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FinMeas automatic inclinometers monitor safety in Västerås harbour project

A large harbour renovation project is going on in Västerås, Sweden. Also FinMeas’ measuring devices are used in the project.

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FinMeas achieved again the highest creditworthiness

We have again this year achieved the highest AAA creditworthiness. The credit rating is bestowed by systematically keeping track of the company’s actions, background, economy and payment method.

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