Monitoring guidelines assist in the planning of monitoring

The Monitoring Committee of the Finnish Geotechnical Society (SGY) has published monitoring guidelines, which comprise the essential concepts and principles of geotechnical measuring and monitoring. The monitoring guidelines are aimed at people working in the geotechnical field.

The publication describes the most common methods used in geotechnical measuring and monitoring, the planning of monitoring, and case examples of geotechnical monitoring.

“There is a demand in the field for more information on monitoring and the available methods. Designers have also expressed a need for guidelines on the planning of monitoring. The publication presents concrete examples of plans, which respond to this need”, says Sami Ylönen, Chairman of SGY’s Monitoring Committee.

The publication will benefit designers in particular

Ylönen’s opinion is echoed by Tuomas Kärki, project manager at Sipti Infra Oy, which provides design and consulting services in foundation engineering.

“From the designer’s point of view, the guidelines offer valuable further knowledge on the methods and possibilities of geotechnical monitoring. A monitoring plan and measurements that adhere to the guidelines ensure the functioning of the chosen design solutions and can even save costs,” Kärki says.

Kärki hopes that the monitoring guidelines will standardise the planning and implementation of measuring. This would also facilitate the use of measuring results in the development of geotechnical measuring methods.

The monitoring guidelines have been compiled as a special project by Bachelor of Science in Technology Antti Pelho with the participation of Tampere University of Technology. The guidelines are based on Harri Turkki’s engineering thesis.

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