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FinMeas Online gathers data from all relevant sources and further refines the data into an easy-to-understand format.
The system creates a report of the measurement data automatically and alerts contact persons if deviations are detected in the limit values.

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Top 5 benefits of using environmental monitoring system in mining

Environmental monitoring system makes monitoring various parameters easy and processes a vast amount of data to provide essential and critical information.

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User-friendly environmental and dam monitoring platform

FinMeas' environmental and dam monitoring system for the mining sector aids in the automated safety monitoring of dams and the environment.

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Effective water management for mines

FinMeas Online is a system that can integrate data from various sources into a single user-friendly platform.

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Risk management in infrastructure construction: The role of monitoring

Automatic monitoring reduces uncertainty and improves the reliability by providing real-time, accurate information on the behavior of soil and structures.

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Automated monitoring of settlement poles: Enhancing safety and efficiency

Until now, settlement pole monitoring has relied on manual measurements. To enable continuous monitoring, FinMeas has developed a satellite-based, automatic, battery-powered settlement monitoring system.

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Dejenie awarded for research on carbon dioxide storage

Bruk Dejenie, a graduate from Aalto University, was awarded the best geotechnical thesis of the year.

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