Environmental data as a communication tool for stakeholders: Transparency and trust with real-time information

Transparency and participation of stakeholders are vital in modern mining industry. Growing environmental awareness is increasing a need for real-time environmental data that mines can provide for stakeholders. In some cases, the transparency may be seen as a risk, but concerns and speculations can be minimised with high-quality data.

Building trust and reputation

Local communities in particular may be concerned about the social and environmental of the mine if the economic profits flow elsewhere (Esteve & Vanclay, 2009). Because of this, the perceived negative impacts of the mine will outweigh the positive benefits. However, if the mining enterprise can demonstrate the positive impacts locally, its brand and reputation will improve among the stakeholders. The transparency of environmental data does not only fulfill the directives but also helps maintain trustworthy and honest dialog between the mining industry and stakeholders, such as local communities and regulatory authorities. Therefore, it is beneficial for the mine enterprises to communicate responsibly at every stage of its operations (Sairinen, 2011). One way to communicate responsibly is to share collected data on the environmental impacts of the mining activities.

Dialog with stakeholders

The FinMeas environmental and dam monitoring platform makes it possible to provide open and effective communications about environmental impacts for stakeholders, thereby building relationship and trust. This is achieved by building a dedicated dashboard view for stakeholders behind a separate login to display desired data with visualizations, or by bringing data from the system to the mines’ own websites. The potential of utilizing the environmental monitoring system in broader stakeholder reporting have been explored with Agnico Eagle Finland, for example.

With the FinMeas environment and dam monitoring platform, it is possible to visually share informative and up-to-date data on emissions, water usage, surface water quality and other environmental factors with stakeholders. Data visualization and analyzes help exhibit complicated environmental information in an easily understandable way. This approach does not only affect the mine’s brand and reputation, but also sustainable business practices and environmental responsibility. In addition, data-driven management assists mines in monitoring and improving their processes.


Esteves, A. M. & F. Vanclay (2009). Social Development Needs Analysis as a tool for SIA to guide corporate-community investment: Applications in the minerals industry. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 29(2): 137–145.

Sairinen, R. (2011). Kaivosteollisuuden yhteiskuntavastuu ja muuttuva suhde paikallisyhteisöön. Terra, 123(3): 139–146.

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