User-friendly dam and environmental monitoring system

Managing and reporting measurement data requires sometimes a lot of manual work. Valuable work hours can be wasted poring over Excel spreadsheets and manually calculating results to ensure that parameters remain within required values. A high quality monitoring system can simplify the work of experts who deal with measurement data.

FinMeas' dam and environmental monitoring system is designed for the mining sector, aiding in the automated safety monitoring of dams and the environment. Interfaces between various sources of information, advanced calculation capabilities, and highly automated reporting make it possible to manage and report measurement data more efficiently.

Let’s bring all essential data into one system

Interfaces between various sources of information allow all essential data to be brought into one system. This means that automated measurements, manual measurements, laboratory analyses, field survey documents, and camera images can all be consolidated into the same system. The benefit of integration is that it eliminates the scattered nature of data, enabling the joint refinement of data from different sources.

Real-time data management, visualization, and advanced calculation capabilities

Nearly real-time data can be monitored on any device. Experts can also set the necessary threshold values for measurement data. They will receive automatic alerts via email or text message if these values are exceeded or not met.

The system's advanced calculation capabilities combine measurement data and produce necessary values directly without manual calculations. The calculations also take into account the values specified by the customer, and as such, the charts show the real-time situation with respect to the set requirements. The system's map view helps to visualize the locations of measurement devices.

Measurement data conveniently automated for reporting

Highly automated reporting reduces manual work and eliminates the need to work with Excel. The reporting feature enables automatic reporting of all measured quantities at desired intervals, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly. Reports are sent as either docx or pdf files to designated recipients' email addresses. Docx files allow for the addition of custom text between graphs. The report's visual presentation makes data interpretation easy, and the report automatically highlights any deviations that require attention.

The simplicity and automation of reporting save time, simplify the manual work of experts, and leave them more time for making conclusions instead of compiling reports.

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