The top 5 benefits of using environmental monitoring system in mining

Mining activities have indirect and direct environmental impacts, the extent and level of risk of which depend on factors such as the environment, the stage of operations, or the type of ore being extracted. Mining can have various consequences, such as air quality, impact on organisms, soil, water, biodiversity, and resource utilization (Geological Survey of Finland, 2015). A high-quality environmental monitoring system makes monitoring various parameters easy and processes a vast amount of data to provide essential and critical information.

Up-to-date information, reduced manual workload, and means for analyzing dependencies

What makes an automated environmental monitoring system particularly useful for mining experts?

  1. Observations and observation points are displayed on a map, which helps to understand the big picture.
  2. Fragmented and scattered data can be brought into one system, facilitating data integration and processing.
  3. The information is always up to date.
  4. Automation reduces manual work, minimizing the possibility of human error and associated risks.
  5. Predictions of parameter development with alarms help in planning and anticipation of operations.

A versatile and continuously developing product range

Well-designed and implemented automatic monitoring and data management promote environmental impact monitoring. With an environmental monitoring system, risks can be monitored throughout the entire process, from production to mine closure and aftercare. Solutions for environmental monitoring and data reporting help to collect, manage, and report timely data effectively and save time and resources.

The product range of automatic monitoring includes pH, electrical conductivity, flow, water level, and temperature monitoring, weather stations, and real-time camera images. In data management, you can use services for automating the calculation of cumulative watercourse discharges, calculating flow-weighted averages, and importing sampling points, field observations, DWG, and aerial images onto the same map background.

Source: Geological Survey of Finland (2015). Good practices for environmental impact assessment of mining projects. Available at:

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