Automatic monitoring in infrastructure construction – 5 reasons why it is profitable

The real-time measuring of soil and rock structures is a fairly recent invention. Conventional manual measuring is expensive and subject to errors, and it is therefore not performed often. However, it is even more expensive to not take measurements at all. In a worst-case scenario, accidents can lead to personal injuries, and their financial effects can often become significant. By using automatic monitoring, these accidents can be avoided and it also has other major benefits. This article lists five of the most important reasons why automatic monitoring is beneficial both in soil and rock construction.

1. Automatic monitoring increases safety at the worksite

Safety is improved as up-to-date information is always available. This way information on changes is received proactively and corrective measures can be taken in time, before changes lead to accidents and damages. Due to up-to-date information, changes can also be linked to their causes more specifically than before, which helps to understand causal connections.

2. Measurements reduce costs

By using automatic measurements, structures can be optimised without having to prepare for all uncertainties. For example, measuring anchor forces in support walls can significantly reduce the number of anchors needed. Therefore, increased safety and reduced costs are achieved at the same time. Costs are reduced also because it is no longer necessary to read measurements on site. Due to automatic remote monitoring, measuring devices can also be placed in fairly inaccessible locations.

3. Automatic monitoring streamlines work

Traditional manual measurements take up a lot of man-hours. Automating the measurements saves not only money, but also working hours. An automatic monitoring system takes care of the measurements effortlessly, so one can concentrate to other tasks at the worksite. Unlike manual measurements, the automatic measuring devices do not have to be checked on-site. With efficient monitoring, unpredicted situations like accidents can be avoided, and it is easier to stay on schedule.

4. Official regulations are easier to meet

Structures at the construction sites do not always behave as planned. When designers are given measurement data, they can create better structural designs than before. Respectively, in the case of extensive repair work, adequate measurement data and an analysis of the current status made on the basis of the data help in the preparation of a more detailed repair plan.

Automatic measurements can enhance the safety of both construction sites and surrounding buildings. This is extremely important especially in major cities, which are densely built and where the rock resources have also already been built for the most part. With the help of measurements, contractors can prove that their operation has not damaged the surrounding buildings of a construction site or the environment, if necessary.

5. Documentation is generated and saved automatically

When using automatic monitoring, also the documentation of the measurement data is generated automatically. No one has to make the documents, as the system produces them independently. The documents can also be found from one place, for example from a file on your own computer. This makes it easy to view them again whenever needed.

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