FinMeas’ automatic inclinometers monitor safety in Västerås harbour project

A large harbour renovation project is going on in Västerås, Sweden. Also FinMeas’ measuring devices are used in the project.

In the background of the Västerås harbour renovation is the Swedish Maritime Administration’s Mälaren project which includes dredging of watersheds and building a canal sluice in Södertälje. The dredging is organized simultaneously with the construction work in Västerås harbour.

An important aim at the Västerås project is that the harbour is able to take in large vessels after the renovation. The vessels can come to the harbour in 2018, and there will be great advancements all the way to the year 2021.

FinMeas’ automatic inclinometers monitor the safety of the Västerås project. Even small displacements in critical objects can cause safety risk which can have serious effects. Inclinometers monitor the possible displacements in ground and structures and alarm if there are any changes.

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