Anchor force

Anchor force

This measurement is used for measuring anchor forces in the support walls of pits.

This measurement is used for measuring anchor forces in the support walls of pits. An unforeseen increase of anchor forces in support walls increases the risk of accidents. Similarly, the anchor force must not drop too low, as the anchors will no longer support the wall. Automatic measurements ensure that information about exceeding the maximum or minimum anchor forces is received immediately.

Measuring device

Several load cell sensors that measure anchor forces can be connected to the FinMeas central processing unit. The typical measuring range is 0–1500 kN, and it can be selected depending on the type of application where the measurement is used. The central processing unit of this device transfers the measurement data automatically to FinMeas Online, which provides easy access to up-to-date measurement data from any device.


  • The adequate support of pits can be verified at all times
  • The number and size of anchors can be safely optimised
  • Stronger resistance to outside forces, such as frost
  • The service can be configured with threshold values, automatically sending an alarm to the mobile phones or emails of responsible persons when triggered
  • Remote monitoring reduces unnecessary costs, delays and the risk of errors

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