This measurement is used for monitoring ground movements.

This measurement is used for monitoring ground movements. The most common applications include the monitoring of railway and road structures, mines and concentration plants, various banks and foundations, landfills, dams and other structures.

Measuring device

The measuring device is an automatic inclinometer, that is, a flexible tube which includes biaxial inclination sensors. Typically, sensors are installed inside the tube at intervals of one metre. The measuring tube is placed vertically in the ground so that it moves and bends according to the movement of the soil layers. The displacement profile is calculated from the information provided by the sensors inside the tube. The central processing unit of this device transfers the measurement data automatically to FinMeas Online, that provides you with an easy access to up-to-date measurement data from any device.


  • Real time and exact information of possible displacements
  • Also the exact time that changes have taken place can be traced
  • The service can be configured with threshold values which, when triggered, automatically send an alarm to mobile phones or emails of persons in charge
  • Remote reading reduces unnecessary costs, delays and risk of errors
  • Documentation is generated and saved automatically

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