Weather conditions

Monitor and anticipate the effects of weather conditions

The solution: Weather station

We deliver a weather station solution for which one can choose from the following parameters:

  • air temperature
  • air humidity
  • direction of the wind
  • wind speed
  • air pressure
  • rain (water and snow)
  • snow depth
  • radiation measurement
  • evaporation

We are also responsible for the service and maintenance of the solution.

The solution: SmartWeather system

SmartWeather helps you react quickly to weather changes when planning projects. The service consists of different modules, from which you can choose the ones that meets your needs. Selectable modules include, for example, frost depth, temperature, precipitation, wind and sea level.

The service produces real-time information and forecasts about the development of frost depth, as well as monitoring of temperatures, frost and precipitation.

SmartWeather also shows how many times the temperature of the road surface has gone below freezing, which guide to prepare for damages. This gives a real-time assessment of, for example, the site-specific frost and ice damage situation.

The benefits of monitoring weather conditions

  • up-to-date and accurate monitoring of changes in conditions
  • examination of weather data in parallel with other measurement data

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