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Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

FinMeas offers automatic monitoring solutions for all kinds of problems related to monitoring ground movements and structures. As part of our turnkey service, we handle all aspects of delivery and installation for you, after which the measurement data is easily available on FinMeas Online.

Our solutions help you to increase safety, reduce costs and streamline working. In addition, the documentation is generated and saved automatically making it easier for you to comply with authority regulations.

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This measurement is used for monitoring ground movements.


The automatic settlement measuring device is used for monitoring the movements of road and railway structures

Anchor force

This measurement is used for measuring anchor forces in the support walls of pits.

Pore pressure

Pore pressure measurements are used in securing piling sites and terraces.

Water level

Measuring devices can be used for monitoring the water level of groundwater, water systems and reservoirs.

Temperature profile

Temperature measurements are used, for example, for monitoring the drying of concrete and for monitoring the melting and freezing of the ground.

Rock movements

Rock movement is measured, for example, during the excavation work of tunnels, parking halls and other underground spaces.

Cracks and joints

These measuring devices are designed to monitor movement across surface cracks and joints in rock, soil and building structures.


This measurement is used for monitoring inclinations, which is needed for the management and security of structures in elevation.

Strain in steel 

Automatic monitoring of strain in steel is used to calculate structural loads and stresses.

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