FinMeas Online reached the milestone of 2 million measurements with Skanska’s K6 project

The FinMeas measuring service, FinMeas Online, reached the mark of 2 million measurements in February. The two millionth measurement was performed for Skanska’s K6 project, in which an eco-efficient office building adapted to its environment is under construction o the Sörnäinen seafront.

FinMeas Online accumulates thousands of measurements every day. Currently the service provides measurements for a large number of projects both in Finland and abroad. The demand for up-to-date measuring data produced by the service has grown steadily in recent years.

“We have invested heavily in internationalisation, which has led to a significant increase in the number of measurements. We have also developed the functionalities of FinMeas Online, and mobile applications of the service have just been launched for Android and iOS,” says Sami Ylönen, CEO of FinMeas.

Skanska pleased with FinMeas’ automatic monitoring solutions

Skanska has been a customer of FinMeas for many years. Several of Skanska’s ongoing projects utilise FinMeas’ automatic monitoring solutions.

The safety of Skanska’s K6 project is ensured by automatic measuring of displacements and anchor forces with devices provided by FinMeas. These are used to monitor the structural behaviour of the support walls of the pit. The reliability of the measurements is of particular importance, as K6 is built on the last vacant lot of the Sörnäinen seafront which is surrounded by a busy urban environment.

“The site has been exceptionally challenging, as construction work is carried out right next to existing apartment buildings on Kaikukatu. The FinMeas measurements provide us with immediate data on any movements of the support wall,” says Pasi Mäkinen, Skanska Infra’s site engineer.

Mäkinen is also pleased with the ease and cost-efficiency of automatic measuring.

“Our investment in FinMeas’ technology has saved us not only time but also costs related to the K6 project. FinMeas’ new mobile applications bring even more efficiency to the monitoring routines, which is extremely beneficial in such a multidimensional project,” Mäkinen continues.

Construction work on the K6 office building began in the autumn of 2016. The project is due for completion in 2019.

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