FinMeas guest lecture series kicked off!

Whether you are a professional, student or a graduate in the geotechnical field – we at FinMeas want to get to know you better. For this reason, we have launched FinMeas guest lecture series!

The primary target group of the guest lecture series is geotechnical engineering graduate students. The lectures will focus on the impact of new technologies on the construction industry and provide students with practical tools for the upcoming work life.

The lecture series kicked off in the beginning of October with a visit to University of Oulu. During this semester, the FinMeas team will also visit Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Metropolia.

Strong expertise as basis

FinMeas’ operations are based on continuous product development and the application of academic research in geotechnics. The latest research combined with top-notch know-how produce easy-to-use products and services which make effective use of new opportunities made available by the industrial Internet.

The need for automated measurements is growing as a result of, for example, tighter regulation and the concentration of construction in densely built areas. Workers at construction sites, designers and developers are increasingly interested in safety in construction.

Would you like to cooperate with us?

We welcome inquiries and propositions for all forms of collaboration! Do not hesitate to get in touch with Communication Manager Elli Räsänen at elli.rasanen[at]