FinMeas team tests out Firstbeat assessment

Smart real-time monitoring is the future not only in the construction industry but in well-being industry as well. Similarly to FinMeas´ automatic measuring solutions, the modern health-monitoring devices aim to help us to make better choices for increased productivity and minimize various risks, most importantly risks of personal injuries.

Close to FinMeas headquarters in Jyväskylä there is fast growing, data-driven software company committed to do just that. Firstbeat transforms heartbeat data into meaningful wellness insights that people to improve their daily performance, reach their goals and simply feel better.

As firm believers of data driven decision making and intrigued by the buzz around health monitoring systems, the FinMeas team decided to give Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment a go. This meant that for three days, our heartbeat was measured during our everyday life and the results were somewhat eye-opening.

Key take-outs from the trial

After the test period, all of us got a personal report and 24/7 profile of factors that affect our well-being and performance. In addition, the Firstbeat staff gave us personal advice to make changes for the better. For the sake of this Newsletter, our Sales Manager Dan Steinnes shares his key take-outs from the experience.

“Like most sales people, I have an extremely busy schedule with work, so finding that healthy work-life balance has been an ongoing battle. Understanding how my body reacts to daily challenges helps me to do smarter choices both at work and leisure for better stress management and performance,” Dan says.

Maija Korkalainen, Director of Marketing at Firstbeat, is pleased to hear Dan’s experiences.

“We, at Firstbeat, work for better well-being and performance by providing meaningful information about stress, sleep and exercise. Our solutions help everyone to learn about themselves and do those small everyday choices that make a big difference in the long run. Healthier, fitter and more productive life is possible for you, too, as we have a great string of offers for corporate clients who mention FinMeas. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more, Maija says.